Now you can arrange for your grandchildren to receive money and a personalized birthday card on their birthdays every year for the rest of their lives. Imagine it… every year of their lives, your grandchildren will be guaranteed to receive a check and birthday card from you on each of their birthdays!

Setting it up for your grandchildren probably costs a lot less than you think…

It’s called AfterThoughts Birthday Insurance and it’s available from Assurity Life Insurance Company of Lincoln, Nebraska. With an AfterThoughts Birthday InsuranceSM policy, your grandchildren will always remember how much you loved them because every year on each of their birthdays they’ll receive a personalized birthday card and a check in the amount of your choosing.

Annual birthday gifts start at just $100!

AfterThoughts Birthday Insurance is a whole life insurance policy that provides your grandchildren with annual birthday gift checks. There’s simply nothing else like it, and it may just be the best birthday present ever for grandchildren!

Your grandchildren are guaranteed to receive their annual birthday cards and gift checks because the AfterThoughts Birthday Insurance policy is offered by Assurity Life Insurance Company. Assurity is rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best*, has more than $2 billion in assets, and a century long legacy of fulfilling promises to policyholders.

The chart below shows how little an AfterThoughts Birthday Insurance policy costs. You pay the premium every year that you’re alive then after you pass away and no matter how many premium payments you have made, your grandchildren or other loved ones are guaranteed to receive their check and customized card every year on their birthdays for the rest of their lives.

AfterThoughts Birthday Insurance Rate Chart


The Bottom-Line… Showing How Much You Care.

When you purchase an AfterThoughts Birthday Insurance policy for your grandchildren, you’ll be there on their birthdays… and in their memories… every year of their lives.

Your grandchildren will always remember you on their birthdays… the times you spent together… the things they learned from you… and how much you cared about their happiness.

And, ask yourself this question: What else can you do for such a small amount of money per year that will provide them with money on their birthdays and a lifetime of treasured memories?

Give the birthday gift that lasts a lifetime and that your grandchildren will remember you for… forever!

  • AfterThoughts Birthday InsuranceSM
  • From Assurity Life Insurance Company
  • It may just be the best birthday present ever for grandchildrenSM


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