How much does sky blue credit repair service cost?

Sky Blue Credit Repair Company is one of the best companies to hire if you are looking to fix your broken credit score and need some help to improve it. A credit repair company offers you a variety of services in lieu of a monthly payment and makes sure that your credit report is free of inaccurate information and finds areas where improvements can be made.

Sky Blue credit repair company is one of the best companies to opt for when you are looking for a variety of services at a low price.

So how much does sky blue credit repair services cost? Sky blue offers you a variety of services like working on 15 issues at once and sending a dispute lender to the credit bureau and your lender to retract the incorrect information. All these services are offered to you at a quite cheap and affordable price.

Initial Cost

Sky Blue Credit Repair Company charges an initial fee of $59 and if you and your spouse, both are looking for the services then it offers you a discount and charges you an initial fee of just $99 for both you and your spouse together. In fact, once you apply for their services they won’t charge you the setup fee for the first 6 days, you will only need to pay after that. Also, you don’t need to worry because they have a money-back policy. So, if you aren’t happy with their services or if they aren’t able to complete your services on time, then they will refund back your money.

Monthly Installments

Once you have signed up for this Sky Blue Credit Repair Company, you will need to pay a monthly installment of $59 which you need to pay one month after the initial payment. If you are applying with your spouse, then again you just need to pay $99/month for both you and your spouse together. You can cancel the services at any time and don’t need to pay for that month. Since it comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, you can always be sure that your money would be refunded if you are not satisfied.

Additional Charges

In case you want other services like goodwill letters, credit report monitoring, etc., then you can get it at an additional cost. In case you want a regular credit report to track your progress, then you can select the monitoring service for $14.95/month or a one-time purchase option for which you have to pay around $29.95. This service would allow you access to the credit reports from the 3 credit bureaus and can be helpful to boost your credit score.

Blue Sky Credit Repair Company is one of the cheapest and most budgeted companies which provide you with all the important services at such low prices. Since it has a money-back policy, you can be sure that this company is reliable and you don’t have to worry about being duped by them.

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